Bespoke Kitchens

At Taylor Wright Kitchens Kitchen we can design and supply Truly Bespoke Kitchens.
Made to measure doors in Shaker Style or Slab Style can be created for a truly custom fit kitchen in any style you wish for, and for many of our kitchens in any colour you desire by making the most of our Colour Matching Service.

Our Custom Made Cabinets at any width, height and depth enable us to design a kitchen with cabinet proportions that perfectly suit your room space, from a range of over 180 cabinet colours and finishes.

The term ‘Bespoke’ is widely overused in the Kitchen Industry with many suppliers claiming to be bespoke but really only supplying standard ‘off the shelf’ sizes. Whilst that’s perfectly fine in many instances sometimes only a bespoke solution will do.

The real difference can be made by designing and creating those truly bespoke elements that work alongside standard sizes to create that perfect fit and real wow factor. And with carefully considered design and mixing standard sizes with custom elements your new kitchen can be supplied at a price that’s more affordable than you might imagine.

Investing in a bespoke, custom made kitchen is not only about wow factor and individuality, its the perfect way to make the most of your space, enhance its functionality and add real value to your home.

Thinking about a new bespoke kitchen?
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Our Approach to Pricing

Whilst its true to say that a bespoke Kitchen is generally going to be more money than the national chains its down to the fact you are investing in a different quality of product and level of service.

However, the assumption that anything bespoke will also come with a hefty price tag needn’t be the case. Our aim is to provide solutions to make the most of your budgets whatever level they are and to provide real value for money as part of the process.

Due to the tailored approach to design and production its far more involved to price a bespoke kitchen than an off the shelf product. Added to which, most of our customers are looking for a full installation service so understanding and budgeting for the labour and processes involved in your project is a key part of helping you get the most from your budgets.

We pride ourselves on our specialist expertise, project management skill and innovative approaches to design to provide you with quality products and service at real value for money prices.

Thinking about a new kitchen?
Then give us a call on 01784 463909 or better still call in to see us.